Suzi Bryant - Licensed Buyers Agent and Director of Highlands Arrivals


Suzi Bryant from Highland Arrivals was fantastic helping us find and negotiate an EXCELLENT price on our new property in Robertson in July (2017). She was always available and incredibly patient as our brief changed from 4000 squares in Bowral to 5 acres further out! She helped organise a rental for two weeks in the highlands until we could settle on the new place and has continued to give us fabulous advice well after our 'transaction' was complete. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Lucinda and Darren

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As a buyers agent, we ALWAYS act in your best interest in purchasing a home in the Southern Highlands.

Let Highlands Arrivals help you move to the Southern Highlands, NSW and take the stress out of the move by:

  • Save time and trips looking for a property
  • Know the market value and get  the best price. You will save money by working with us!
  • Provide local knowledge on what is important to you and get the lifestyle you want

We are the leading buyers agent in the Southern Highlands. We specialise just in the Southern Highlands and know all the properties and selling agents. We keep records of all the houses in the area, including what they were selling for a month ago!

If you base your searching on an internet search or talking to selling agents, every house sounds wonderful! You will be spending a lot of time travelling here looking at unsuitable properties. Take out the guesswork and have Highlands Arrivals provide a shortlist of properties. We want to make sure you love your house in the Highlands! Many properties, particularly Bowral and Mittagong, sell before they are listed on the internet sites. These are off-market sales and you need to act quickly to get one of these, using someone local as property finder, inspecting the property for you.

Having more than 25 years experience in sales, and as a licensed buyers agent, we can negotiate on your behalf and get best price.

We can manage your whole search as your buyers agent, for a % of the purchase or for a set fee. Alternatively, we can help with individual tasks such as visiting and reporting on all potential properties, preparing a suitable property list to match your exact needs, advising on towns, locations and activities, bidding at auction, or helping with post purchase work or rental management with your property. Individual property inspections and property reports start from $495!

Highlands Arrivals can help you find and buy the perfect property! Whatever you need to help with your move, call or email us today to get an obligation free quote.

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Suzi Bryant - Licensed Buyers Agent and Director of Highlands Arrivals


Blessed was the day I found Highland Arrivals on the internet! Suzi sent through highly detailed reports, gave exceptional service, and made our transition into the Southern Highlands from the NT smooth and hassle free. Suzi went above and beyond our expectations and we cannot thank her enough.  

Charmaine and Gus

Our Services

We can work with you the whole way through the purchase of your home, including:

  • Finding the right properties

    We run through a detailed analysis on what you are looking for in the Southern Highlands, to understand your exact needs. We then talk to all of the local agents, and determine a list of potential properties which we will discuss with you and then inspect.

  • Property inspections

    This is inspecting the properties on your behalf, checking on your key requirements such as north facing, room to study, heating etc and taking photographs of all rooms and the street itself. This includes the rooms the selling agents don't want you to see! 

  • Liaising with the agent

    Understand the seller's motivations and urgency, any known defects with the house, schedule appointments and inspections and coordinate all aspects of inspecting and purchasing a house.
  • Providing detailed reports on the suitability of the properties of interest to you

    Detailed property report including an overview of the area and street, the details on the house including when it went on the market and the price it has been listed for previously, and other similar properties sold in the area.

  • Talking to council about zoning and development plans

    In rural areas, it's important to chck the zoning and any plans there may be in the future for the area.

  • Advising on pricing and market value

    Looking at past purchases, the state of the market, how long a property has been on the market and whether they have dropped or increased their price, and determining negotiation points, we work out how much the property is actually worth. This usually saves you lots of money! 

  • Negotiating the Purchase

    Negotiating for a house you are emotionally invested in can be extremely stressful, so it helps to have an experienced buyers agent acting on your behalf. In housing negotiations there are tactics the selling agents use to increase the price - don't be taken in by these! Work through the process with someone who is acting in your best interest and understands the game.

  • Organising buildng and pest inspections

    In a rural area these can be very important, and it's good to get someone trustworthy to do this. You also don't want to delay the sale too long in trying to organise one!

  • Dealing with the conveyancers

    So that an exchange isn't delayed, we communicate with the conveyancers and ensure all of the paperwork is in place and the sale isn't delayed. This includes ensuring important checks such as the chemical residue register is checked.

  • Performing the final inspections before settlement

    To save you visiting just before the settlement Highlands Arrivals can perform these inspections for you, checking the house is in the state it was when purchased, is clean, and all possessions removed.

  • Connecting you with great sporting clubs, school, playgroups and clubs

    One of the most difficult things about moving is finding your new support and friendship base. We can help you get in contact with the things you are interested in, so you meet lots of the friendly locals and quickly settle in.

What is a buyers agent?

A buyers agent, also known as a property finder, acts exclusively on behalf of the buyer in finding, assessing and negotiating the price of a property. This is different to selling real estate agents who are looking after the best interests of the vendor.

People use a buyers agent to find a suitable property, and to purchase it for the best possible price with the best possible terms.

The buyers agent will investigate the viable properties and identify any concerns or issues with them for the buyer.

In NSW to act as a Buyer’s Agent you are required to hold a limited or conditional Real Estate Agent licence noting that you may only act as a buyer's agent. This means a buyers agent can not also be selling property.

Buyers agents also have access to off-market properties which have not yet been formally advertised, so using a buyers agent is a way of accessing the properties that never make it to the internet sites.

About the Southern Highlands

Southern Highlands TulipsKeep an eye on the events and activities that are happening around our wonderful towns in the Southern Highlands to get an appreciation of the unique differences between them and help you work out what areas suit you best. These are also a great resource to use once you move here - you don't need to travel to feel like you're on holidays!

The townships include Bowral, Mittagong, Moss Vale, Robertson, Exeter, Burrawang, Sutton Forest and Bundanoon,

Similarly, there are some very good resturants and wineries around the Southern Highlands, so make sure to have a look at:

This is also a great website to see what is happening in the Southern Highands: