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Are you looking to minimise your stress levels and find a property that meets your current needs?

Is your current home too large with too much maintenance? The Highlands can offer a large choice of homes, fresh clean air, cooler weather, beautiful gardens, light traffic and interesting pursuits. You can catch a train to Sydney for under $3* and it's very do-able as a day trip.

The Highlands are a wonderful place to retire to, with a friendly, active community, beautiful weather, and great facilities. There are any number of low maintenance homes and a choice of peaceful towns each with their own unique personality.

Let Highlands Arrivals work exclusively for you as your buyers agent, to understand what is important to you, and provide a shortlist of suitable properties that are in the right area, the right streets and could be the right property for you! I can save you time and money and reduce your search, greatly reducing the amount of trips you need to make here to find a place.

I am a licensed Real Estate Agent and am completely independent, acting as a buyers advocate with all of the agencies, so I have access to properties off-market and also properties about to come onto the market! I can also talk to the agents about any properties about to drop in price currently on the market and get in early for a great bargain.

I will provide information on activities and clubs to make sure you get involved in the amazing community that is the Highlands! I can also provide information on reputable services such as mechanics and vets, and there is a wide range of highly skilled health practitioners available in the Highlands who often have both a Sydney and Highlands practice.

Highlands Arrivals can reduce the typical time it takes to find a property, typically 6-12 months, to a few months. I am completely independent and work only for my clients, the purchasers, so will ensure we find you the right property. I have a large network of agents I can call to find properties both on and off-market. Many properties in the Highlands sell before they even reach the internet, and the ones that do are often sold in the first week, so I can be there look at the properties and act quickly on your behalf.

*With concession card

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