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It’s been a roller coaster few years, starting with bushfires and real estate moving very slowly and through the Covid lockdowns to a point that people realise they want more space and freedom.

One of the biggest changes with Covid is the shift to working remotely. Some people can do their entire jobs from home, whereas others need to go into the office less often, perhaps only a day or two a week.

This change has meant that many more people can consider the Highlands as a good place to live, with our relaxed lifestyle and good schools. A lot more people want space and privacy so this has lead to a higher demand in acreage properties. There are only so many properties in the Highlands and demand has increased tenfold so like the rest of Australia prices have gone up.

There are new subdivisions of 1 acre or less happening on quite a large scale, but the acreage properties available are the properties that are here now and numbers won’t increase by much so prices have risen.  People ask if some of the larger properties can be subdivided. A 200 acre property can be divided into 2, but zoning is set to a minimum of 100 acres in most rural areas out of the towns so smaller subdivision of 20 or 50 acres can no longer happen.