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So you've heard people talk about aspect in the Southern Highlands, what does it mean?

We have very cold nights here, nights get below zero, and sometimes we even get snow, but there's always a lot of frost around in winter.

In the winter, the sun is further north, and so the sun comes in at an angle from the north. So in your house, if you have northern facing windows, you'll get a lot of winter sun, which is just fabulous. And you wont' get the summer sun, because then the sun's coming directly from above. So it will increase the temperature in your house by probably about five degrees on a nice sunny day. And you get to stand in the sun and warm up which is just lovely.

So when you're looking for a house, probably best not to buy one with a massive garage in the north-east side but to look for one that has good light in winter and you'll really appreciate it.

There are many different ways of living in the Highlands. You can live in one of the towns, or you can live in rural lifestyle on anywhere from a few acres up to 100+ acres.

And you'll be close to all of the towns and cafés to be able to enjoy the town lifestyle. Kids can catch buses to school, and there's a lot you can do on the land. People here have cattle, alpaca, sheep, vineyards, olive groves, a lot of different things.

There are some people that are totally self-sufficient, and other people who are not experts in what they're doing, so they're doing it as a lifestyle, and they tend to have either agistment, which is where they have other people's stock on their property, and these people either pay them money or do all of the maintenance and look after the fences, or they have a farm manager who often lives on-site and looks after all of the property for them and keeps everything up-to-date.

There are some great bike tracks around the Southern Highland.

There are dirt tracks and also dirt roads that you could ride on but also there's some very nice established bike tracks around the towns.

One of the main ones is between Moss Vale and Burradoo and that's 12 kilometres along the river and all along the backs of the gardens in Burradoo. There's also the Cherry Tree Walk which starts at the Bowral pool and is a really nice ride through the back of Bowral and also in East Bowral.

East Bowral is basically just bike tracks that are all interlinked together and is great for families to go riding around.

People often wonder if there are many kids activities available in the Highlands. Well the good news is, yes there are tons and they're generally much easier to get into than the equivalent clubs in the city.

So some of the things include: soccer, a very big soccer community here, both summer soccer and winter soccer, for kids and adults. There's also netball, rugby, AFL. There are a number of gyms that children can go to, to do children's gymnastics. There's dance schools in all of the major towns. A couple of swim schools scattered about and also some very high quality music lessons available. Also playgroups, pony clubs, and many more options -  there's enough things here to keep the children occupied.