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Are you:    

    · living in a shoebox?    

    · challenged by finding a school? Are the fees too expensive and placement difficult?

    · do the children have no-where to play outside?


    · good childcare/pre-school hard to find?    

    · property too expensive?    

    · pet minding difficult to manage?    

    · traffic becoming unmanageable?

The Highlands has fresh air, great schools, light traffic, no queues, affordable housing and a huge range of after-school activities and sports nearby!

Whether initially renting or purchasing straight away, Highlands Arrivals can help you find the right property in the right location, and provide valuable information on the area such as schools, childcare, sports and social clubs. The Highlands is a fabulous place to raise a family and there are a number of unique towns each with their own personality.

We will make sure we understand what is important to you and organise a schedule of viewings for suitable properties, thus minimising your search time. We can also view properties on your behalf and provide detailed property reports. As a rough guide, property value is approximately 2/3rds that of Sydney for a much larger home, and of course varies depending on the town or area in the Highlands.

You can work with Highlands Arrivals for an initial period to help you answer questions you have about the area and provide suitable properties to look at, or you can work with Highlands Arrivals for the whole purchasing process, knowing you have us looking for the best property for you.

We will provide information on pre-schools, schools, dog minding, dog parks, babysitters, nannys, playgroups, and reputable services such as vets, doctors, mechanics, and dentists.

Both the public and private schools in the Highlands are of a very high quality: generally cheaper fees, great reputations, the students are polite and respectful, very large grounds, and excellent  academic, creative and sporting results!  There are genuine country school buses to take your children to and from school each day.

Highlands Arrivals can reduce the typical time it takes to find a property, typically 6-12 months, to a few months. We are completely independent and work only for our clients, the purchasers, so will ensure we find you the right property. We have a large network of agents we can call to find properties both on and off-market. Many properties in the Highlands sell before they even reach the internet, and the ones that do are often sold in the first week, so we can be there look at the properties and act quickly on your behalf.

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