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On-Market and Off-Market Property Specialist

Have you already found your idea property? With over 20 years experience in sales and negotiations, I will get you the best price possible.
I have access to Core Logic/RPData reports, know the price of every property that has sold in the area, and know when your property went on the market and the price they were asking.
I know the agents and their selling styles, the value of the property in question derived from a number of sources, and all of the inspections and paperwork required to purchase rural properties.
I have bid at numerous auctions on behalf of clients.
I can assist in post purchase details such as the final inspection, organising trades and services and even providing support during those early days with lots of deliveries to the property. If you are looking to purchase in the Highlands, then engaging Highlaands Arrials for the negotiations and purchase will ensure it is a stress free, smooth transaction for youi.

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