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On-Market and Off-Market Property Specialist

Highlands Arrivals offers a wide range of services which can be adjusted to suit the preferences of each individual buyer. 

I specialise in ensuring people have the knowledge of their preferred activities and hobbies in the local area so they can start building their new network of friends and contacts straight away, and settle in quickly.

Some people will use the services of a Highlands Arrivals throughout the entire buying process, while others will require services specifically for finding out the "lay of the land", viewing all of the properties on the market to see what would suit, or to represent them at auction.  

The market in the Highlands is currently seeing a numbr of houses selling within the first week of being on the market, while others hang around for months, so having insider help about houses about to be put on the market, and being able to advise on the history of the sale of a house will make finding a home easier.

I specialise just in the Southern Highlands, and live here,  so I really know the area! This includes postcodes 2575, 2576, 2577, 2578, 2759 and towns Mittagong, Bowral, Moss Vale, Robertson, Bundanoon, Sutton Forest, Wildes Meadow, Exeter and more.

Services Offered:

- Evaluating your requirements and developing a targeted property profile  

- Searching for suitable properties for your consideration  

- Inspecting and carefully evaluating all of the prospective properties  

- Developing a realistic analysis of a property, identifying problems or issues and disclosing all relevant information (positive and negative)  

- Organising specialist advice 

- Explaining all legal requirements and documents

- Developing appropriate bidding strategies  

- Understanding the market and negotiating a private sale  

- Bidding at auction  

- Submitting tenders  

- Checking that legal documentation has been filled in correctly  

- Finding tenants and managing the property  

- Arranging repairs and maintenance of rented premises or preparing properties for sale  

- Initiating inquiries at council in relation to bylaws

- After purchase inspections

- Contacts icluding cleaners, gardeners etc

- Manage work required on properties before you move in

- Help connect utilities/broadband, NBN etc

- Help with local information including:

• Schools

• Sporting clubs

• Activities

• Churches

• Childcare

• Removalists

• Hospitals/GPs


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