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People are moving to regional areas in record numbers, and the Southern Highlands is one of the fastest growing areas. Article on moving to the country

There are over 600 properties currently listed in the Highlands, so determining the relevant houses to inspect is daunting. Listening to the real estate agents you'd think they were all the perfect house for you!

Pricing values in the Southern Highlands haven't dropped like the rest of the East Coast, with a strong demand from people moving from Sydney. Have a read about this here.

Domain have a good page on what to check when inspecting a property here.

Make sure to check the zoning of your potential property here: It is also worth checking the nearby area to check there are no zonings that could mean a major disruption in the future.

The Southern Highlands is managed by local government Wingecarribee Shire Council (pronounced Win-Ge-car-ri-bee). Have a look at the community profile

Here is some interesting reading on some people who have made a tree-change

This is a detailed, easy to read book which talks about how empty nesters can downsize their family home you start the search, work out what is important to you with such things as:

Property Checklist

Household setup (children, pets, regular visitors)




Style of Property


Land Size






Priorities (Privacy, heating, north facing)


Work to be done on house OK?


Utilities (NBN, town water etc)


Hobbies/work to be accommodated?


Special financial conditions for settlement etc.