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Highlands Arrivals is proud to be the only REBAA member in the Southern Highlands.

Membership of REBAA guarantees Highlands Arrivals is completely independent and never acts for sellers or accept kickbacks from them. REBAA members are carefully vetted to ensure they are completely independent, have correct insurance in place, have been in business for a number of years, and have numerous references from both agents and buyers.

All REBAA members are exclusive buyer’s agents which means they only act for the buyer – they are not taking money from the owner as well as a buyer. Make sure you look at your prospective buyers agents’ website to see if they sell any real estate and ask them directly ‘Do you sell real estate or do you receive any commissions or kick-backs?” Check your buyer’s agency agreement carefully as there are sections included from the Office of Fair Trading where they are required to declare if they are receiving any kick-backs or commissions from any third party.

For more information visit REBAA.